Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Au Natural

I once read somewhere that women look their most beautiful with their natural hair texture, a notion very few of us follow. We wavy-haired girls want perfect spiral curls or glossy straight hair, while the straight-haired girls are dying for more volume and the curly-haired girls think, ‘if only my hair could be straight...’ When it comes to hair, as with most other things, we want what we don't or can’t have. So my challenge to you all is to embrace your natural hair texture even if that means going without the straightener, blow-dryer or curling iron once a week. Embrace what nature gave you, go au naturale. Remember, more often than not, when you’re cursing yourself over your frizz or lack of volume, someone somewhere is wishing they had your hair!

If you are a wavy-haired girl like me, I find these to be the best products to use to reduce the frizz and create a defined curl.

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