Friday, May 17, 2013

DP Stripes! My Friday Obsession

Happy Friday All! This week I rediscovered an old favorite from my days in the UK, Dorothy Perkins. One thing that stood out was all the super cute stripes! Oh, and did I mention the amazing prices? I had my first encounter with DP all the way back in 2006. My university was having a party at some fancy London club. My mom happened to be visiting and she took me shopping on the high street to look for a dress. In the end, I chose a dress from Dorothy Perkins. It was emerald green with an empire waist and gold beading. I wish I could dig up the picture to share with you all. After returning to the States it's comforting to know that I have access to one of my favorites from my old life.

One: Lemon Stripe Dress Two: Navy Striped Hat Three: Red Stripe Bikini Top & Bottom
 Four: Black and White Striped Skirt Five: Grey/White Shopper

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