Saturday, May 26, 2012

White Denim = A Great Summer Staple

Memorial day weekend is traditionally when Americans can acceptably start to wear white. I have never followed this unwritten rule and if you're not American you would have not either. But as it is the holiday weekend I thought I would share some tips with you on how to pick a great pair of white denim to kick off the summer.
1. Pick actual Denim. There are so many varieties of white jeans out at the moment but a lot are not actual denim. A mix version can look sloppy and will not have the right fit. Spend the little extra to get the right pair.
2. Choose a pair with a bit of a crop. A cropped white jean will give your look a bit more polish.
3. Choose white. There are some varieties out there that are slightly off-white. The advantage to pure white is that if you get something on them you can bleach it. Also a pure white will be more forgiving than an off-white or cream.
4. Have fun with your white denim and don't be afraid to try something wild and different!

Wear your White Denim on a Date

Wear your White Denim Edgy 

Wear your White Denim Casual 

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