Friday, October 5, 2012

Faux Leather VS Real Leather

Ever since the first hint of the fall season I have been doing my research on leather pants (a staple for this season). The major question for me was: do I buy the real deal or go down the faux route? I did my research and heard many convincing arguments from both sides. Faux leather is inexpensive, animal friendly and, if in the end you decide leather pants are not for you, not a big loss. On the other hand, real leather feels amazing and looks much richer. The cons for real leather are that leather can stretch and lose its shape, you need to bring them to a specialty cleaner and they cost a fortune! In the end I chose a pair of faux leather pants from H&M, and to be honest, I think they are just as good as any real pair I have tried on (plus they can be washed in the washer)!

H&M top and faux leather pants old. Check out get the look at the bottom of the post! 

H&M Ring/ Coach Bag Old 

Get the Look


  1. I really need some leather leggings or trousers. I thought they would be really unflattering but this post has made me think that I could pull them off-thanks! Great outfit :D

    1. Hi Lucia,
      They are really flattering and there are so many ways you can style them. I recommend looking H&M and ASOS they have some great faux leather at an affordable price!