Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shop Zara Home

While living in London, one of my favorite places to shop for chic home goods was Zara Home. Already being my ‘go to’ place for amazing clothes and shoes, it was no surprise that I would fall in love with Zara’s home goods concept. Being a student and/or working in my first job, I had limited funds but still wanted my space to be as stylish as financially possible. The great thing about Zara Home is that it offers a designer feel for an affordable price. Now that I have moved back to the US I am very happy that I can fill my new life with an old favorite. Visit Zara Home's new US website here, and check out all of the amazing pieces!

Colorful Accessories: Bertil Vase and Olof Vase
Nesting Tables: Monocle Nest of Tables
Chic Rug: Istambul Rug
Cozy Throw: Apache Throw
Cool Gold Details: Vernon Tea Pot and Punk Tumbler
Whimsical Touches: Pedro Candle

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