Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekly Color Combo

I love unexpected color combos, so I will be dedicating a weekly post to great color pairings. In this weeks post I am focusing on pink and burgundy. These two colors work really well together. By combining blush tones to rich reds you are adding eye catching depth to an outfit. I would love some ideas on other color combinations to feature, so please leave me a comment below with color combos you would like to see!

1. H&M Burgundy Pants ONLY $34.95
2. Reiss Daphne Nude Contrast Fabric Shirt
3. J.Crew Bubble Necklace also on SALE here for $69.99
4. Oasis Double Face Full Skirt
5. J.Crew Double-Cloth Symphony Coat
Image Sourced From Musings In Femininity


  1. I find pale pink and burgundy a great combo, pretty easy to wear. Fuchsia and burgundu is a bit more challenging in my eyes, but so much more rewarding when done right! I'm also curious about burgundy and blue, whether it's possible))


    1. Hi Tali,
      I think that Burgundy and a navy blue would look amazing together. Maybe I will try that for next weeks color combo, thanks for the idea!
      Moriah xx